A 35-Year-Old Woman Found Dead Is Named As Police Release Murder Suspect

On Saturday, Claire Anderson who was 35 years old was found by the emergency services in unconscious health in Throne Road, Doncaster at around 9:30 p.m. After some time later she was declared dead on the spot.

A man nearly the age of 38 years was arrested on the suspicion of Claire’s murder and questioned but released for the investigation process. Claire’s body was sent for a post-mortem report, yesterday to the cause of her death and information about her movements before her death.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Oughton who is investigating Claire’s murder case said that they are working hard to know her movements before her death from 8;30 p.m on Thursday to 9 p.m on Saturday that will lead us to find the murderer.

He added that even the smallest information about her can lead them to the murderer like the person she might have been with, the place where she might have been, and to the person she had spoken with before her murder will help them. He said that anyone with any kind of information to come forward and help the Police to give justice to the family of Claire and send the person who did so in jail.

The family member of Claire said about Claire that she was a warm-hearted person and always think about others before herself.