After Trying This One Simple Trick, I’ll Never Cook Potatoes The Same Way Again.

As the world came to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, people had to learn how to live at home. Over the last year or so, people have been stuck at home, unlike any other time in recent history. This has led to the explosive growth of the Chinese-created TikTok app, which allows ordinary people to become “TikTok famous” for sharing the tips and tricks they use around their house or in the kitchen.

One such trick has to do with how you roast potatoes. Roasted potatoes are an extremely popular side dish across the United States, which was one of the reasons the Chinese-created TikTok app looked to promote it on their platform. The recipe comes from TikTok user Jeremy Scheck and vows to help you make the perfectly toasted roasted potatoes every single time you turn on your oven.


Although Scheck is just twenty-years-old, his viral video has reached at least 4.1 million people since he published it on the Chinese platform. He even received a staggering 650,000 likes for his video, including one like from the world-famous Kylie Jenner, who likes to keep up to date with what Scheck is doing in his kitchen.

Scheck did not stumble upon this recipe by accident. He informed his cooking with food science and has figured out a great way to get the perfectly roasted potatoes.

TIP: Choose waxy potatoes if you want to follow Scheck’s recipe. These include Yukon gold and red potatoes. They are more likely to get crispy on the outside while remaining soft on the inside. They’re also more likely to hold their shape instead of becoming a mushy mess.

Next, you need to boil the potatoes in cold water. Don’t drop the chunks into already boiling water, as this will make them mushy before they’re fully cooked.

And when you’re boiling your water for the potatoes, add a lot of kosher salt. According to Scheck, you should put in “an obscene amount” because the flavoring will infuse with the potatoes while they are boiling.

“You’re not actually going to eat all that salt, but you need the water to be super salty for the potatoes to absorb some and get the flavor,” he said.

When your potatoes are fork-tender, it is time to stop boiling. Drain them and let the potato pieces dry completely. Then, it is time to “rough them up” with a large spoon. Crush them just a bit so you increase the surface area that can get cooked when they’re in the oven. This will introduce “more craggly places to get crispy” while you bake them.

Roast your potatoes in an already-hot pan. This increases the browning potential of the spud and may even cut down on your baking time. The choice of oil is up to you, and you use anything from duck fat to sunflower seed oil.

Add some seasoning to make them even tastier. “I like to add fresh rosemary, Old Bay, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, thyme, and a little bit of Maldon sea salt,” Scheck said.

Roast the potatoes at 450 degrees until they look “90% done” but are golden brown. Then turn off your oven and let the potatoes rest in the oven for an additional ten minutes. Now it’s time to dive in!

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