California man arrested for stealing cop car from Arizona hospital

MESA, Ariz. (TCD) —

A California man was arrested for allegedly stealing a police car from a hospital in Arizona on Wednesday, April 14.

Mesa Police said a fully marked police vehicle was parked at Banner Desert Medical Center near S. Dobson Rd. and Southern Ave. at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, KNXV-TV reports.

Police said a suspect opened the door to the vehicle and found keys inside, started the vehicle and drove away.

Raudel Cardenas, 32, was arrested about 2 miles away, near Country Club Drive and Southern Ave., when an officer saw him allegedly sitting in, then exiting the vehicle, police said.

KPHO-TV reports Cardenas cooperated with the officer, showing him his driver’s license and answering his questions.

Cardenas, a Lake Hughes, California resident, reportedly told police he “took the vehicle so he could go home,” KPHO reports.

Cardenas was charged with one count of theft of a means of transportation.