Chef Shares The One Secret To Making Grilled Cheese That You Will Never Forget

A chef from Australia has shocked followers on the internet with a tricky way to make a grilled cheese. Chef Guillermo from Sydney, Australia, unveiled his cooking hack via a short video posted to the Chinese-created TikTok app. With just six ingredients, Chef Guillermo reveals how you can make a delicious snack using bread, grated cheese, butter, chopped parsley, minced garlic, and parmesan cheese – and it’s a recipe you’re going to want to try for yourself!

The grilled cheese sandwich is different from most. This one does not use two slices of bread – but the end of a loaf that is used to create a pocket for the cheese. Chef Guillermo then douses the product in garlic butter, giving an even more delicious taste that cannot be resisted.

The video begins with the Aussie chef cutting the bread into pieces. He removes some of the crust to form perfect square pieces of bread. But there is a pocket in the sandwich. He stuffs this pocket with delicious grated cheese.

Meanwhile, the chef heats up the frying pan. He puts the butter into the pot and adds the minced garlic and the chopped parsley, which is such a good flavor for anyone who likes grilled cheese sandwiches.

Before plopping the sandwich into the frying pan, Guillermo uses a pastry brush to douse the bread with the melted garlic butter. Then he places the buttered bread into the hot pan and uses a spatula to keep it pressed down to ensure the cheese at the center gets melted.

After he flips the sandwich over to cook the other side, Chef Guillermo adds some more garlic butter and grated parmesan to the top of the sandwich. This ensures that it has even more flavor when it comes time to eat it.

Hundreds of people shared their love for this grilled cheese sandwich in the comments of an article published in Daily Mail. The following are a few thoughts from their readers:

“I’m one of the thousands online, and I must say, I’ve been WOWED!! A cheese sandwich. Got any lunch box pics or clever hacks also? I need something game or life-changing. Any ‘best ever boiled egg’ recipes would also be great.”

“To save myself time cutting one thick slice of bread, then cutting a pocket in it, and finally filling the pocket with cheese, I have come up with a ‘genius hack’ that frenzied housewives have labeled a ‘game changer.’ I stick a slice of cheese between two slices of bread.”

“That recipe is a heart attack waiting to happen. One a month at best to avoid clogged arteries.”

“Sounds like a lot of trouble considering how easy it is to make regular grilled cheese.”

“Heart attack on toast, yummy.”

Despite how delicious the sandwich looks, some people found it disgusting.

“Garlic butter and parsley would ruin any sandwich but especially a toasted cheese. Yuk!”

What do you think about this grilled cheese recipe from Australia? Will you give this tasty treat a try?

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