Dad’s “Trick” To Get His Son’s Grades Up Is Going Viral, But Not Everyone Agrees With His Idea

Dad was disappointed that his son was struggling at school. Although he knew his son was not performing as well as he could, he had no idea how poorly the boy was doing. But when the man’s son brought home his grades, dad knew he had to take drastic action to improve them. That’s why dad shared his “innovative” idea to boost his son’s grades on TikTok, where it was met with a mixed reaction.

“My son showed me his report card,” the social media user wrote on the image. “His math grade is starting to decline. He wants to be a [‘YouTuber’], so he spends a good amount of time playing video games.”

Because dad knew that his son really wanted to play video games, he decided to use that urge against the boy. In the video, dad gets down to business, creating a box to house the boy’s coveted video game system. The box features a whiteboard on the front, which dad can use to come up with math problems that the boy has to solve before he gains access to the “treasure” inside the box.

“I decided to help motivate him to get his grades up,” dad wrote.

The box works for this dad because it prevents his son from playing video games. The whiteboard gives the boy a chance to earn his time playing video games. So long as the boy answers the whiteboard questions correctly, dad will open the box, and the boy can play his games.

The man believes that his invention will help his son excel at math. He even went so far as to say, “Someone’s about to get an A+ in math.” The dad also posted the video with a number of hashtags that declare he was a single dad and also a construction dad.

The discussion raged on TikTok as to whether this dad was doing something good for his son or making more problems for the boy.

“Either he learns math or learns how to get good enough with tools to take apart the box. Either way, his future is bright,” wrote one user.

“People are so soft now. I think this is great. Electronics are privileges. If you’re not meeting expectations, you have consequences.”

“This is perfect,” wrote A.J. Lockwood. “You’re a great dad. Don’t listen to the comments. These people are the ones that think you should make $15/hr flipping burgers.”

“Y’all are wild. Dad saw that gaming was interfering with school and found a solution. Motivate him to work harder so he can do the things he enjoys.”

Nevertheless, the video did have its critics.

“Ahh, yes, my kid’s grade is slipping, so instead of asking him if he’s been stressful lately and helping him, I lock away the things he loves.”

“Why is everyone okay with not having any ground rules for children?! And then you wonder why the world is falling apart.”

Do you think dad’s wood project was a good way to motivate his son or a bad idea?

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