Fans Of Barbie Are Shocked When They See The Company’s New Doll

While the rest of America has been locked at home due to coronavirus, the leading toymaker, Mattel, has been hard at work, creating a new Barbie the world has never before seen. Now that the toy company has unveiled their latest doll in the popular franchise, they are being praised far and wide for their new Barbie Catrina Signature Día De Muertos Collector Doll, which honors the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos with a beautifully painted doll.

The release of the doll came at a perfect time for Mattel. Because September is Hispanic Heritage Month and the actual Dia de Los Muertos holiday begins on October 31 and runs through November 2, people will be clamoring to buy the limited-edition Barbie doll while supplies last.

The official announcement came on Twitter when the Barbie account shared, “Barbie celebrates the time-honored tradition of #DiaDeMuertos with a new collectible doll honoring the symbols and rituals of the holiday.”

While the doll retails for $75 on the Target website, it has already sold out. This means that people may not be able to get their hands on this doll – or they may have to buy it directly from another consumer on a website like eBay.

According to the item description: “Barbie celebrates Dia De Muertos with a second collectible doll honoring the traditions, symbols, and rituals of the time-honored holiday” and “Barbie Dia De Muertos doll is a vision with her face painted in a captivating Calavera design.”

Customers have been “brought to tears” after seeing the “amazing” new Barbie doll.

“This brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me of the dresses my Abuelita would send to me when I was younger,” wrote one die-hard fan. “I was not able to get the first doll, but this one is very beautiful, the makeup, the roses, and marigolds to the stitching on her dress are very beautifully done. Thank You, Mattel, for Honoring my culture and giving someone like me a beautiful doll I can display and cherish and now pass down through the generations in my family.”

Another person wrote, “Great job Mattel! It’s so heartwarming to see you represented our culture so beautifully in your line of dolls. The box is just as intricate as the doll. I have both last years, now this year’s. Yay! I agree with a reviewer who said for next year. La Catrina would be awesome… can’t wait for next year will definitely be buying again!”

“This doll is beautifully made with amazing finishes and incredible attention to detail. I did not think they could top their last Dia de Muertos doll, but this one adds a nice alternative to the dark color palette of the first doll. Her beautiful, light pink gown is ornamented with embroidered details along the front that make it extra special. The artwork on her box renders a beautiful portrait of the doll and works well with the first doll in this series. Overall, (it is) an excellent value for the price.”

What do you think about this beautifully designed Barbie doll?

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