He Calls Himself A “Modern Taxidermist,” But I Think His Work Is Disgusting

One British businessman has turned his passion for animals into a career. 26-year-old Jack Devaney of Plymouth in the United Kingdom slices and dices animal parts and then puts the random parts back together into “bad taxidermy” models. His ugly creations, which he calls “Animalgamations,” could be terrifying enough to haunt your dreams – but he just wants to have fun modernizing the taxidermy industry all by himself.

Because Devaney no longer believes that people are interested in traditional taxidermy – at least not as much as they were a few decades ago – he decided to forgo making real animals. Since people can look up what real animals look like with a simple internet search, Devaney decided to turn dead animal parts into creations that only he could dream up inside his twisted imagination.

Devaney recently launched his business, The World Around Ewe, and sells bizarre products, including his “Animalgamations” line.

He said, “Recently I’ve put together rat, an old bit of antique mink, ducklings, hamsters and rabbit ears to create ‘Bad Dog.’ Another of his creations is ‘Rat People,’ which are half a rat and half an action figure.”

Devaney purchases dead animals from pet shops. These shops usually use dead animals to feed snakes and other reptiles. However, modern taxidermist has a unique way of putting dead animals to good use. After purchasing the items from the pet store, he defrosts them and then skins them. He chops up their bodies into different parts, which he then puts back into order in ways that people have never seen before.

The creator of these items first started experimenting with dead animal carcasses while a sophomore in college. He was challenged to learn some “transferable” skills while in school and came up with this bizarre idea instead.

“I had worked in a butcher shop in Cheshire from around the age of 13, initially as a Saturday lad. Then as I got older, I was taught knife skills and general butchery. I didn’t have much else in the way of transferable skills that I was aware of. In a way, it was kind of a fluke that I did taxidermy at all.”

He added, “A couple of months down the line, we’re told to do a ‘feasibility project’ – the idea was come up with a business based on a previous project that we had enjoyed and proved it could be a business. That night I made my first rat pencil case with an anally inserted pencil sharpener. A staple of my business today – stationary stationery, if you like.”

Now, Devaney’s business has grown so much that he can create as many Animalgamations as he desires.
“I do enjoy finding broken ornaments and replacing their missing parts with real animal parts. I call these ‘Faunaments.’”

Although he is constantly experimenting with different animals and parts, he feels best when he received messages online.
“I love when I get messages off of people that say it is funny or that it made their day. That’s one of the best feelings ever.”

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