Her Fiancé Refuses To Speak To Her After What She Did With His Father

When her relationship hit a rough patch, Mackenzie Yocum started having feelings for her fiancé’s father. Before long, Yocum and Jeff Scholl, the father of her lover, began their own affair. Eventually, their illicit love was revealed, and Yocum’s now ex-fiance was furious over the betrayal by his lover and his father. However, the truth about their relationship made their romance stronger, and Yocum and Scholl continued to see each other despite the damage it did to the larger family.

Yokum, 25, from Illinois, began admiring her soon-to-be father-in-law when her relationship with his son hit a tough patch. Yokum, a Walmart worker, also gave Scholl a shoulder to cry on as he went through his own divorce from his wife.

The pair launched a six-month affair. Now, Yokum wishes that she had been more honest about her feelings for the older man and also told his son about what she was doing with his father. Instead, Yokum and Scholl, a father of four, were eventually discovered. This made everything fall apart.

However, the turmoil only made Yokum and Scholl’s relationships stronger. Now the pair share a baby boy named Wyatt.

As a result of the affair, Scholl’s son and one daughter, and his ex-wife no longer have any contact with Yokum and Scholl. Yokum’s brother also cut her off because of her affair with the father of her fiancé.

Mackenzie said: “The one thing I regret is not being honest and starting a relationship with Jeff before our previous relationships had ended. We should have just been honest about our feelings and said we weren’t happy.

“There’s emotional cheating, and there’s physical cheating. The emotional cheating went on for around one year, and the physical was six months. I was with his son for over six years, but Jeff was always so welcoming. I was really unhappy in the relationship with his son at the same time that Jeff was on the brink of a divorce.”

The affair became public in 2018. Although it destroyed the adult relationships, they were able to continue their partnership and welcome a son into the world. Wyatt is now five months old.

Jeff Scholl is a retired farmer. He gave up a lot to be with Mackenzie.

Jeff said: “It’s really hurtful that I don’t have a relationship with my son anymore. I hope one day it could be amendable. I do really regret how things have turned out. I feel like I never had a chance to explain myself because he never confronted me. He just cut me off, then we heard from another source that he knew about the relationship, and now we live in different towns. I want him to know that I’m sorry, but he wasn’t happy with Mackenzie, and he’s happy in a new relationship now, so everyone is happy.”

Mackenzie added: “He never actually confronted us about our relationship. He just ended his relationship with me and said he’d heard that I’d cheated, but he didn’t say who with. He said our relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and neither of us was happy. He didn’t even seem angry, he didn’t have a tantrum or anything, and he was very calm.”

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