Mom Begs For Help To Deal With “The Worst Baby Ever”

Mom does not know what to do with her infant. The little baby would not stop crying no matter what and only stops crying when she falls asleep for a brief thirty-minute nap. However, mom and dad also have another challenge to face every day. The crying baby is not their only child. They’re also parents to a nonverbal autistic four-year-old, which was why mom turned to Reddit to get help from other parents.

“Our baby is nine months old and never (and we mean never) stopped crying longer than 45 minutes. At night she only sleeps in 40-minute intervals and wakes up screaming. What’s worst is she will not let dad calm her, only me. Her dad has tried and tried, and she almost choked on her spit cause she was crying so much, and we had to call 911. Doctors said there’s nothing wrong with her medically, and she’s just a “fussy baby.” We have tried everything we can think of to get her to stop.”

If you think that was all this mom was dealing with, think again. She also has to work with her four-year-old autistic child whenever she gets a break from the screaming infant.

“So even during the day when she stops crying and passes out for 30 or 40 minutes, I have to work with my son. He’s at the point where we have to keep them separated cause he just wants to hit her to get her to stop crying, so all the day energy is keeping them apart and happy.”

Although mom has begged family members to help, no one wants to help because their children are so challenging to deal with. Additionally, the coronavirus has made things even harder since it was not as easy to get together with family and friends.

“nobody will help us. Family doesn’t want to deal with her and her brother cause they’re too much work and friends have vanished and no babysitter due to the virus.”

Mom confesses that the baby’s constant crying has taken a toll on the entire family. It drains all their energy and increases tension between her and her husband.

“I haven’t slept in 9 straight months longer than 2 hours. I’m not going to make it. Please, what can we do to get this baby to stop crying? I’m so miserable I’m crying. Please can someone offer up some advice to get this to stop?”

Online, people shared their empathy with mom for her challenging situation.

“That’s so concerning. She cries like that all day and all night? And it’s always been that way? And your pediatrician said that is normal? Is she meeting her other milestones? Does she calm down when she’s eating? I know it’s a challenging time to do so, but I would absolutely seek a second opinion. I have a ten and a half-month-old and literally can’t imagine living like that, nor have I seen any other babies that age that still scream like a colicky newborn.”

Hopefully, mom received comfort from people online. She was showered with advice, including the possibility that the baby girl could be suffering from acid reflux.

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