Mom Gets Shamed After This Embarrassing Photo Of Her Kids’ Mess Goes Viral

A mom has been heavily criticized for giving her sons too much stuff. The accusations came flooding in after this mom from Australia posted an image of her sons’ playroom after they had their fun with it. The image showed the room filled with a pile of so many toys that the floor could not be seen beneath it. Mom shared two images of the playroom with all of the toys out of place and then another one with everything put back where it belongs following a four-hour cleaning session.

Mom may be proud of her four- and five-year-old sons, but other social media users thought the children were out of control. Based on the mess they created, it appeared that mom had bought the boys far too many belongings – and the children had taken everything out to play with it at the same time.

Many people congratulated mom on cleaning up after her sons. However, others saw through the face-value of the incident and realized that mom set herself up for trouble by buying so many toys for the little boys.

One mom summed up the problem nicely: “Three words: Too much stuff.”

Other people contributed their insights into this Australian mom’s trouble.

“It is so easy to gather junk, and it is bad for the planet. We really don’t need all that much,” the “too much stuff” commenter added.

Another mom asked, “There’s a lot in there. Can you cull any of it to make it easier on yourself and the kids for the future?”

Another parent suggested this mom, “Ditch all toys that aren’t used to (a charity). Some other children would appreciate the toy. Before birthdays and Christmas, I make my kids voluntarily go through their toys and gift them to the kids who need them.”

While everyone can agree that this mom has too big of a mess on their hands, some people offered their congratulations to mom for cleaning up after her busy boys.

“Wow, you did great. Perhaps the kids need to downsize some of their toys, so mum doesn’t have such a big job next time.”

“Awesome job, I would lose it if I had to do that. Mummy would be raging,” another mom added.

Moms do not have enough time in the day to do everything perfectly. One trick to help have more time is to cut back on how many toys and possessions children have at once. Some parents offered their tips and tricks to keep their children’s playrooms neater next time.

“I would literally bag all that up and throw it out. I did it when my eldest was four: left books and a wooden train set. Best thing I ever did,” one mom offered.

“Great job. I used to put half of my son’s stuff away then swap it over every other week, not so much to clear up,” she said.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help parents keep their playrooms clean? What could this mom do to make sure she doesn’t have to spend four hours cleaning her boys’ playroom next time?

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