She Wants To Dump Her Boyfriend After His COVID Test Came Back Positive

Desiree Baker had been suspicious of her boyfriend throughout the pandemic. But when her boyfriend came back with a positive COVID-19 test, Baker began to doubt whether he was as loyal to her as she was told. It all started when Baker’s younger sister tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, the day after Christmas. Since Baker and her little sister ‘live together” and “hang out all the time,” she had to get a COVID test herself, but it came back negative both times she took it.

Although Baker did not have coronavirus, everyone else close to the sisters decided to get tested for the virus, too. Although Baker’s test results were negative, her boyfriend tested positive for COVID-19. How did he get coronavirus while Baker was clear? This taunted Baker so much that she put a plea out to the internet via TikTok for someone to “please help” her figure out whether her boyfriend was a lying cheat or a loyal lover. And the response from the internet shocked Baker more than she had expected.

But the situation became so much worse. After Baker’s boyfriend and sister both found out they were COVID positive. They decided to shack up in the family vacation home until the illness wore off. This did not sit well with Baker, who wanted her boyfriend all to herself.

“After they both tested positive, they went to my summer house and are quarantining together, despite the fact that I said I didn’t feel comfortable with that,” she said.

Desiree has been worried about her boyfriend and sister’s connection before. Once, she shared a photo of the pair on social media, and people wondered if he was dating her sister.

“What do I do?” Desiree asked her followers.

Most of Baker’s TikTok fans urged her to dump her no-good boyfriend. Even if he was not sleeping with her sister, her fans despised how he was all over her.

“You said you weren’t comfortable with it, and they still did it? That’s enough to be upset about in itself,” one person said. “Something’s up.”

“You set a boundary, and they didn’t respect it,” another added. “I think you know what to do, sis.”

“The [COVID-19] results mean nothing. The lack of respect from BOTH people is sus!” a third added. “Your bf should respect your boundaries.”

In an interview with CTV News, Dr. Eleanor Fish, an immunology expert, claimed that people with strong immune systems might be able to beat back the virus without contracting it. This means it would be entirely possible for Baker to be a carrier of the virus, give it to her boyfriend, and for her never to test positive for it.

“You might have a stronger immune system that makes you less susceptible to becoming infected or that makes you more resistant to the infection,” Dr. Fish said.

Do you think this TikTok user needs to break up with her boyfriend and go into the New Year as a single woman? Or should she put his COVID-19 positive result in the past?

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