Six Month Old Baby Found Alive After Spending ‘a Period of Days’ With Dead Parents in Hotel Room

Two bodies were found in a Michigan motel room on May 24, as was a 6-month-old baby who was still alive.

According to ABC 13, police say a well-being check led to the discovery of deceased parents 26-year-old Jessica Bramer and 28-year-old Christian Reed at a Rodeway Inn.

Authorities also found a 6-month-old baby girl alive in the room as well. She was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for severe dehydration, where she was reported to be in critical condition.

Police told ABC 13 that they believe the infant was laying in the hotel room for “a period of days” after Bramer and Reed passed away. Those who worked at the Rodeway Inn refused to answer if the little girl could be heard crying from inside the room during that time.

Now, as WOOD-TV reports, the baby girl, Skylah, is on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery.

Bramer and Reed’s cause of death is still unknown, however, according to WOOD-TV, drug paraphernalia was found near their bodies. It’s also unclear how many days the 26 and 28-year-old were deceased before they were found.

In the weeks leading up to their deaths, family members said both Bramer and Reed had been in and out of jail. Why they were in jail was not immediately known.

Skylah’s grandparents reportedly called Child Protective Services on Bramer and Reed in January because they were worried about the infant’s safety. It’s unclear if the grandparents, who have previously been in contact with CPS, will get custody of Skylah once she is released from the hospital, WOOD-TV reports.

Michigan State Police are now asking for those who had contact with Bramer or Reed after May 14 to call Sargent Denise Bentley at 616-866-4411.

The last time Reed was active on Facebook was May 15, around 3:00 p.m.