There Was A Terrible Accident, But The Camera Footage Has Police Scratching Their Heads

A bizarre traffic accident involving a pickup truck was caught on camera in the parking lot of a Florida Cracker Barrell location. During the incident, which was clearly caught on CCTV, a woman kneels in front of a white pickup truck before the driver rolls the truck over her and seriously injures her. The hit and run incident occurred in Fort Myers on March 8, 2021, in broad daylight at 11:30 am.

The pickup truck driver is first caught on camera entering the vehicle. The truck is towing a utility trailer behind it. The truck begins rolling forward toward a 49-year-old female pedestrian. The woman does not move away as the truck rolls in her direction. Instead, the woman was kneeling on the ground and was very vulnerable if struck.

The truck pulls toward a parking lot exit and strikes the kneeling woman with the right front tire. The collision knocked the pedestrian over and ultimately seriously injured her. The large pickup truck then continues to roll over the woman as it continues out of the parking lot. The person behind the wheel does not show any concern for the woman. The driver does not stop to make sure the woman is all right. Instead, the pickup truck operator continues out of the parking lot and on with their day.

The pickup truck fled the hit and run by exiting the parking lot onto 4260 Boatways Road. Now, Florida Highway Patrol is searching for the driver of the pickup truck, which was likely a white Ford F250. Unfortunately, the driver remains unknown at this time.

As for the victim, who was from Cape Coral, she was rushed to doctors at the Lee Memorial Hospital. She had sustained severe injuries from the hit and run and continues to require the aid of medical professionals. Police are asking members of the public of Fort Myers to help them identify the cruel driver of the pickup truck.

Readers of Daily Mail were left shocked and confused by the incident. Some people claimed that the driver was unaware of the woman in the middle of the parking lot. Others claim that the driver should have stopped the truck after striking the “bump” on the pavement.

“The driver can’t see her. Why is she kneeling in the middle of a car park?”

“He would have seen her as he entered the car park. Surely he drives in a straight line towards her, then stops left-hand drive or not she is in plain view. It seems very strange why she is waiting then goes to one knee.”

“I’m assuming he couldn’t see her crouched down in the high truck. I don’t think he meant to hit her and probably didn’t even realize he hit a person. He probably thought it was a speed bump.”

Other readers thought it was absurd to think that the truck driver didn’t realize he struck something.

“That’s a truck-shaking bump. You can bet if I rolled over something like that, I would look afterward, especially if I was in the middle of an empty parking lot. I’ve rolled over plenty of curbs that, in a moment’s terror, I thought might have been a person. I always checked.

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